Christmas Sharing

Christmas isn’t just about giving & receiving gifts, eating delicious foods, etc. I know that you are all aware about the story behind it. A baby boy was born in a manger, there’s a star and the three wise men but the story doesn’t. end. there. That baby was Jesus, he lived like one of us, suffered with us and sacrificed himself for our sins. This season is where we share our blessings with others and renew ourselves. Don’t forget that we should share our blessings everyday, even when there’s no celebration. We also thank Jesus for all the things he had done for us.

Together with my classmates, we celebrated an early Christmas sharing last December 21. We had fun and cherished the remaining hours of the last school day of 2016 (YAY!!) through playing games, eating food and of course, exchanging gifts.

I also want to thank God for giving me friends to keep; Danielle, Jean & Audrae. Thank you so much for everything. I love you all!


You might check out Spotify’s Christmas playlist here. Enjoy your Christmas break! ♡


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