📍 Tanay, Rizal

“Regina RICA is an up and down the hill kind of place. The centerpiece is an iconic 71-foot statue of the Our Lady on Top of the Hill.” (rainedeocampo.com)Yesterday, December 10, 2016 with my friend Miguel, my mother, my aunt and my mother’s friend went there.We also attended the mass from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and went straight to Cafe, Katerina located at Marilaque Highway Tanay, Rizal.It was a fun day indeed!


7 thoughts on “📍 Tanay, Rizal

  1. Wow.. Aside to your new bangs, your blog is neat and organized. I’m impressed. I like it. 🙂 Keep the post coming. The more post, the more chances of winning. lol 🙂 Remember, this is a midterm project so you still need to write till the end of of our midterm. (after the midterm exam) 🙂 Happy blogging.


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